Roof Sensor™

Roof Sensor™ is the first and only technology-based system designed to monitor live loads of snow and water on the low-sloped roofs of commercial buildings.

Roof Sensor

roof-sensor-roof-monitoring-nation-wideWhy Roof Sensor™?

  • Every year, thousands of roofs collapse in the United States, costing millions in repairs, damaged inventory, and lost business––in addition to serious injuries and, in the most tragic cases, death.
  • The profound risk is complicated by the fact that clearing snow from a roof too early can be just as expensive a mistake as waiting too long.
  • Roof Sensor™ has been created, tested, and perfected during the last decade, dramatically updating an antiquated process that––up until now––has relied on rough estimates and gut-checks.


How Does Roof Sensor™ Work?

Roof Sensor™ eliminates surprises and guesswork. Providing real-time data courtesy of wireless sensors, the system helps building owners and professional roofers make fact-based decisions about snow and water removal that save lives, jobs, and money.

  • Patent-pending, wireless sensors installed on roof’s surface provide real-time information.
  • Controllers receive a wireless signal from sensors and send data to multiple redundant cloud-based servers.
  • Our user-friendly, web-based interface provides real-time data to the customer.
  • When it’s necessary to take action, our around-the-clock monitoring and alert service can dispatch information simultaneously to multiple users, including service representatives. 

Stop Guessing When to Take Action

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