When a Roof Caves: Calculating Human Cost

photo_blog_9Here at Roof Monitor, we talk a lot about the costs of roof collapses. So often, we focus on building damage, loss of inventory and store hours, and in the most tragic instances, loss of life. Earlier this month, a business fell victim yet another catastrophic result: the sweeping elimination of jobs.

When heavy snows caused a Prineville, Oregon window and door manufacturing plant’s roof to cave, the company felt forced to close the mill. At last count, 130 workers have been laid off, with end-of-the-month projections estimating that 200 people will be without jobs come 2015. That’s devastating news for hundreds of families, as well as the town, whose population numbers just over 9,200.

The Oregon mill disaster reminds us that it’s not just the owners of businesses and buildings who suffer after a roof collapse. The entire local economy is disrupted and harmed.

As we work to get Roof Monitor’s technology in the hands of hard-working people around the world, our thoughts are with mill workers in Oregon this holiday season.

Beautiful Prineville, Oregon, just became one of the latest victims of a devastating roof collapse.

Photo by Gilbert, via Flickr with Creative Commons License

Posted on: December 22, 2014