Roof Monitor Tips: How to Maintain Your Roof

photo_blog_4 (1)If your commercial building utilizes a low-sloped roof, there are steps you can take to try to prevent snow and water accumulation before it starts.

Low-sloped roofs rely on strategically placed drains to function properly and prevent leaks. Make sure your roof’s drains—along with its scuppers, which are placed on the side of a building to assist with drainage—are clear of debris that could aid the build up of snow or water.

Take these maintenance steps before snow, ice, or water is present—not after. As we discussed in our first installment in the Roof Monitor Tips series, removing snow, ice, and water from your roof prematurely can cause expensive damage—and may even ultimately be as costly as a collapse.

It’s always safest to consult a local roofing expert before climbing that ladder and taking any action. Questions? Call us. We’ll happily recommend trusted roofing companies in your area.


Photo by Johan Hansson

Posted on: November 12, 2014

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