Roof Monitor Tips: Fall Maintenance Checklist

Fall Roof Maintenance TipsFall might be the best time of year. After months of relentless heat down South, the cooler temperatures inspire open windows and time outside. For northern neighbors, if you haven’t been hit with snow storms yet, you are hopefully enjoying crisp evenings on front porches and around backyard fire pits.

For many areas of the country, now is an ideal time to get your business’s low-sloped roof in shape. Here are three rooftop chores that will help you prepare for winter’s storms.

  • Hire a professional to inspect your roof. A roofing expert should examine your low-sloped roof twice a year, ideally in the spring and fall. What will they look for? Trained eyes will identify trouble spots, such as cracks and bubbling that could lead to big problems when filled with water or ice, and will help you make sure your roof is ready for tough weather.
  • Remove leaves and other debris. Leaves and other particles, such as dirt, twigs, small stones, and more, can make it much more difficult for your low-sloped roof to drain. If your roof can’t drain, water will pond, causing damage and increasing the potential for a collapse.
  • Trim trees. Tree branches that butt up against your building can scratch your roof and lead to greater build up of debris. Removing problem limbs will help ensure both your roof and trees stay healthy.

Smart, diligent care makes a big difference in the life of a roof, but even the most meticulously maintained roofs can collapse. That’s why Roof Monitor is a game-changer: we’re taking the guess work out of one of your building’s biggest investments.

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Photo by Kosala Bandara

Posted on: November 26, 2014