Roof Monitor March Round-Up: News in Roofing, Architecture, Weather, and Technology

NECN details this winter’s roof collapse “epidemic” in the Northeast.

Roofing Contractor has compiled an all-star list of apps that help illustrate the long-term savings customers gain when they opt for sustainable roofing.

Are you there, spring? It’s me, March: according to, we kicked off March with snow on the ground in 49 out of 50 states.

Would more buildings rely on wind-sourced energy if wind turbines had more aesthetically pleasing designs? CityLab profiles one firm hoping to find out.

There are plenty of strong pieces right now in Professional Roofing Magazine, from a reminder to monitor 2015 I-code updates to debunking one of the most prevalent misconceptions about cool roofs.

Architectural Digest offers an inspiring look at New York City’s five newest skyscrapers.

We love this collection of formerly abandoned architecture that has been reborn––via

Do wind turbines need to be prettier?

Photo by Warren Ski, via Flickr with Creative Commons Licensephoto_blog_21

Posted on: March 11, 2015