Good Questions: Will Roof Monitor Work on My Roof?

Photo by Mark Hunter

Photo by Mark Hunter

If you have a commercial building with a low-sloped roof, chances are, the answer is a resounding yes. Roof Monitor was created with structures exactly like yours in mind.

Most commercial buildings rely on low-sloped roofs. Low-sloped roofs are the roofing industry’s workhorses, ideal for warehouses, small and large shopping centers, military bases, and numerous other types of infrastructure they protect.

A low-sloped roof generally has three separate components that work together as a system: the membrane, the insulation, and the deck. The membrane is the top layer, and part of your building’s vital first line of defense against a roof’s number one enemy, weather.

Roof Monitor’s sensors adhere to the roof’s surface without ever penetrating the roof’s membrane. Our unique process ensures that your manufacturers’ warranties aren’t voided, and that the technology you’ve chosen to better protect your property never compromises its functionality.

Have an old roof? No problem. Roof Monitor works well with old and new systems. Thanks to the real-time data you’ll receive about how the elements are affecting your roof, Roof Monitor can actually help you extend the life of your roofing investment.

Roof Monitor is a once-in-a-generation breakthrough. We know that our technology will save lives and hundreds of thousands of dollars for companies around the world, revolutionizing the roofing industry. Our staff of experts is always standing by, ready to answer your questions and help you determine if Roof Monitor makes sense for your business.

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Posted on: November 4, 2014

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