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Why a Strong El Niño Matters to Roofers

El Niño has made headlines recently, from its sway over who can expect a white Christmas to the broader implications of what forecasters predict will be the strongest winter El Niño in almost 20 years––and one of the top three … READ MORE

‘Tis the Season: Roof Collapses Flood the News

  As temperatures drop across the country, heavy rain, ice, and snow have begun to dominate local forecasts. Each year, wet, cold weather leads to a spike in roof collapses, and a quick look at recent headlines reveals we’re just … READ MORE

Roof Monitor Round-Up: November

Roof Monitor Round-Up: November  From roofing and safety to weather and technology, we’ve collected some of the world’s most interesting rooftop stories this month: A roof collapse after much-needed rains in Fresno, California forced a beloved local thrift store to … READ MORE

Feeling Grateful!

Where in the world did 2015 go? It’s hard to believe we’re already well into November. Instead of feeling stunned by how quickly time flies, we’re choosing to embrace the season and count our blessings. It’s been a landmark year … READ MORE

How to Choose a Conference

You see them advertised––maybe you’ve even been to a few. But there are so many conferences out there, deciding which gatherings deserve your time and cash can be a daunting task. Check out these tips for choosing the best conference … READ MORE

Roof Monitor Round-Up: October

From roofing and safety, to weather and technology, we’ve collected some of the world’s most interesting stories this month: At least 100 shoppers were evacuated from a Woolworths in Melbourne, Australia, as a roof caved; one man was injured and … READ MORE

Fall Roof Maintenance Checklist

It’s officially fall, the season when everyone suddenly takes special notice of the leaves, which stun with gorgeous colors before transforming into a nuisance as they drop. It’s also time for your biannual trip to the roof to ensure that … READ MORE

A Plan for All Seasons: How to Stay Safe on the Roof

Each season brings specific challenges to rooftop safety. We’ve blogged about the most effective precautions to take in the summer, as well as the importance of protective eyewear when the sun is especially relentless. But what about tried-and-true guidelines to … READ MORE

Roof Monitor Round-Up: September

From roofing and safety, to weather and technology, we’ve collected some of the world’s most interesting stories this month: A West Virginia fire station, a popular Mexican restaurant in Larchmont, New York, and legendary Minneapolis music venue First Avenue are … READ MORE

Georgia on My Mind: Heading to the NSC Congress and Expo in Atlanta

This month, we’re taking Roof Monitor on the road. It’s a nice time of year to enjoy a few days away from our beloved San Antonio, where stubborn heat will stick around even as those to our north get ready … READ MORE

What Type of Roof Do You Have?

Your roof is a workhorse. It’s one of the most important ways you insulate, protect, ensure proper drainage, and even harness green energy for your building, making it one of the most vital investments you can make. Far from a … READ MORE

Roof Monitor Round-Up: August

From roofing and safety, to weather and technology, we’ve collected some of the most interesting recent stories on the web: Roofing Contractor magazine has released its list of the Top 100 Roofing Contractors in the country. Congrats to all of … READ MORE

How to Choose a Roofing Company

Your roof is one of your biggest investments. Whether you need repairs or a whole new system, selecting a roofing company can be a daunting task. Here are a few time-tested tips to help steer you in the right direction. … READ MORE

Protecting Your Eyes While Working Outside

We outlined heat-smart safety tips in a recent blog, and now, we’re tackling another precaution that’s equally as important––particularly during the summer months: eye protection. The eyes of construction and rooftop workers are especially vulnerable due to both the materials … READ MORE

Roof Monitor Round-Up: July

From roofing and safety, to weather and technology, we’ve collected some of the most interesting recent stories on the web: Big rains led to big trouble for roofs in June. Tropical Storm Bill wrecked havoc on a Wells Fargo bank’s … READ MORE

Roofing Safety in the Summertime

The Summer months are a popular time for businesses for roof inspection and re-roofing projects. Commercial Construction and Renovation Magazine put together the following 5-point Summer Safety Checklist for contractors heading out into the heat: 1. Early To Rise No one can … READ MORE

Summer Time is Roof Monitor™ Time

Bring on the sunny skies: Summer offers the most consistently ideal weather for installing the entire Roof Monitor™ system. Roof Monitor™ is revolutionary but seamless: it won’t void existing warranties and instead, will only enhance your building’s value. We’ve also … READ MORE

Edge Defense™: Transforming an Industry

Falls off of roofs remain the number one cause of death among construction workers. Even if a fall isn’t fatal, it’s often personally devastating, resulting in injuries that wreck an individual’s ability to earn income and permanently alter their quality … READ MORE

Roof Monitor™ Makes Tough Calls Easier

For small business owners, every day brings a decision. Some choices are simple, but many are nail-biting calls, with serious implications for the future and staff. Roof Monitor™ understands the pressure-cooker side of entrepreneurship because we live it. Our founder, … READ MORE

Roof Monitor April Round-Up: News in Roofing, Architecture, Weather, and Technology

A recent story in the Albuquerque Journal addressing safety issues at a nuclear waste repository illustrates that preventing roof collapses is sometimes more about keeping what’s inside from getting out. Harry Dietz dissects current issues surrounding states, OSHA, and fall … READ MORE

Spring Forecast: Get Ready for Rain

Spring is finally warming up much of the country, which means rooftop concerns are beginning to shift from blankets of snow and ice to buckets of rain. Meteorologists with the Weather Channel predict a wetter-than-average spring for large swaths of … READ MORE

Science of Color: Why is Yellow Used for Safety?

The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration designates yellow as the color “designating caution and for marking physical hazards.” Our innovative Edge Defense™ safety mats rely on the traditional, sunny hue, as do many other products designed … READ MORE

Roof Monitor Tips: Spring To Do list

Spring To Do list Frigid temps may still be tormenting parts of the country, but the first official day of spring is this week. Businesses lucky enough not to be buried under layers of ice and snow: it’s time to … READ MORE

Roof Monitor March Round-Up: News in Roofing, Architecture, Weather, and Technology

NECN details this winter’s roof collapse “epidemic” in the Northeast. Roofing Contractor has compiled an all-star list of apps that help illustrate the long-term savings customers gain when they opt for sustainable roofing. Are you there, spring? It’s me, March: … READ MORE

Game Changers: Base Isolation

In our first Game Changers blog, we looked at the history of steel. In this installment, we’re exploring “base isolation,” an important construction breakthrough that’s made our tallest buildings safer by helping them withstand earthquakes. When base isolation is employed, … READ MORE

Edge Defense™ Spotlight: Why Roofs Need to be Safer

Roof Monitor’s innovative new offering Edge Defense™ aims to transform the way we work on top of roofs. A patent-pending safety mat system made exclusively for commercial roofs, Edge Defense is installed along the roof’s perimeter. When an individual steps … READ MORE

In Northeast, Big Snows Add Up to Big Headaches

Roofs have collapsed across the Northeast in recent days due to back-to-back heavy snows. A fierce winter storm hit the already badly battered Massachusetts especially hard. The roof of a commercial structure in Rockland, about 20 miles south of Boston, … READ MORE

Roof Monitor February Round-Up: News in Roofing, Architecture, Weather, and Technology

Roofing Contractor takes an in-depth look at Michigan-based No Roof Left Behind, an innovative program designed to help local roofers help their communities. Exciting materials poised to help shape architecture and construction over the next year are profiled in Architect … READ MORE

Roofers: A Pioneering Force

The verdict is long-since in: humans have to figure out how to take better care of the earth. While some industries are dragged kicking and screaming into making environmentally friendly changes, the roofing industry has helped lead the conservation charge, … READ MORE

Game Changers: Steel

Roof Monitor is a groundbreaking technology that will change the way businesses protect buildings and investments. In our new blogging series Game Changers, we’re looking at innovations throughout history that have redefined how people plan, build, and protect structures. We’re … READ MORE

Just How Much Water Are We Talking About?

According to the United States Geological Survey, a single rainstorm that leaves just one inch of water behind drops a total of 27,154 gallons of water per acre of land. Our roofs bear the brunt of each downpour: during that … READ MORE

Roof Monitor January Round-Up: News in Roofing, Architecture, Weather, and Technology

A resort in Hawaii has added a new green roof that’s as beautiful as it is sustainable, via offers an in-depth synopsis of the last year’s weather, noting record-breaking snowfalls, historic hurricanes, a breathtaking aurora, and more. … READ MORE

A Plan for All Seasons: Protecting Your Investments in an Unpredictable Climate

Forecasters are predicting colder than average temperatures for much of the U.S. in January, especially throughout the South. While this winter’s extra chill is not expected to match last season’s record-breaking lows, it’s a pointed reminder of each region’s unpredictability. … READ MORE

Roof Monitor Tips: Dealing with Ice Dams

Debris isn’t the only threat to your low-sloping roof’s drainage system. In especially cold climates, ice can build up on the edge of the roof or around drains, creating a barricade that prevents snow and water from escaping. As additional … READ MORE

When a Roof Caves: Calculating Human Cost

Here at Roof Monitor, we talk a lot about the costs of roof collapses. So often, we focus on building damage, loss of inventory and store hours, and in the most tragic instances, loss of life. Earlier this month, a … READ MORE even talks about the Roof Monitor product!!!!

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Roof Monitor Monthly Round-Up: News in Roofing, Architecture, Weather, and Technology

Buffalo’s extreme weather and numerous roof collapses made history, as this AP story featured in the New York Post reports. The Weather Channel explores the science behind roof collapses. Yes, it’s a real thing: USA Today demystifies thundersnow. Architects are … READ MORE

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Roof Monitor Releases its New TV Commerical

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Thoughts on Buffalo

Buffalo, New York, was hit especially hard by a recent wave of heavy snow – some reports estimated the total accumulation topped eight feet – and then rainy storms, prompting the New York Post to observe that “[e]ven for the … READ MORE

Roof Monitor Tips: Fall Maintenance Checklist

Fall might be the best time of year. After months of relentless heat down South, the cooler temperatures inspire open windows and time outside. For northern neighbors, if you haven’t been hit with snow storms yet, you are hopefully enjoying crisp … READ MORE

Snow: A Deeper Understanding

 From creating breathtaking beauty to wreaking costly havoc, snow defines each place it falls. It’s easier to appreciate the effects of snow if you understand the basics of snow’s composition. No two snow showers are exactly alike. Snow’s density and … READ MORE

Roof Monitor Tips: How to Maintain Your Roof

If your commercial building utilizes a low-sloped roof, there are steps you can take to try to prevent snow and water accumulation before it starts. Low-sloped roofs rely on strategically placed drains to function properly and prevent leaks. Make sure … READ MORE

Good Questions: Will Roof Monitor Work on My Roof?

If you have a commercial building with a low-sloped roof, chances are, the answer is a resounding yes. Roof Monitor was created with structures exactly like yours in mind. Most commercial buildings rely on low-sloped roofs. Low-sloped roofs are the … READ MORE

Roof Monitor Tip: When Waiting is the Smart Move

It’s somewhat counterintuitive, but it’s true: prematurely removing water or snow from a roof can do more harm than good. You could damage what’s called the roof’s “membrane,” prompting a need to patch your roof, which shortens the roof’s overall … READ MORE

Weather Watch: Seven of the Snowiest Cities in the U.S.

It’s only September, but plenty of folks have already had to pull out their snow shovels, reminding us that winter is just around the corner and begging the question: where will the heaviest snow blankets fall this season? Our money … READ MORE

Roof Monitor™ wins 2014 Roofing Contractor Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award

Roof Monitor™ wins 2014 Roofing Contractor Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award. Click the You Tube link below to see the awesome announcement.  

Roof Monitor™ forms Strategic Partnership with the Lighthouse for the Blind

Roof Monitor™ forms Strategic Partnership with the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind for fulfillment of its competent accessory packets. Mike Gilliam and his TEAM will be sourcing, branding, and packing all the accessories needed to mount the main controller … READ MORE

Find Us on March 22 at the RCI Trade Show in Anaheim

BELDON® Technologies will be launching Roof Monitor™ with live, in-person demonstrations of the technology starting on March 22 at the 29th RCI International Convention and Trade Show in the Anaheim Convention Center. Find us at booth #101.

Roof Monitor™ Forms Strategic Alliance with National Roofing Partners (NRP)

After reviewing its numerous options, Roof Monitor™ (San Antonio, TX) has selected Dallas based, National Roofing Partners to provide operational, installation, and customer service expertise to the Roof Monitor™ TEAM. NRP is the most trusted name in the industry and … READ MORE