How Does Roof Monitor™ Work?

How-the-roof-mintor-system-works-, learn how roof monitoring works and how it will benefit your business
Rooftop monitoring helps save lives and protect your biggest investments. Two groundbreaking products work in sync to form Roof Monitor’s patent-pending system: Roof Sensor™ and Edge Defense™.

State of the Art, Proprietary Rooftop Monitoring Technology

Roof Monitor™ helps manage safety risks and minimize business disruptions by communicating with building owners and other appropriate contacts when action is needed – before damage occurs.

Fall Prevention System

A patent-pending safety mat system made exclusively for low slope commercial roofs, Edge Defense™ is installed along the perimeter of the roof. When an individual steps onto the mat, an alarm sounds, ensuring better awareness of the roof’s ledge.

The UV-coated Edge Defense™ mats contain electrodes that make up a sealed sensor system structured to monitor Pounds Per Square Inch to prevent falls. The sensors are programmed to trigger an alarm when an individual steps on the mat.

  • Advanced UV coating to protect from sun damage
  • Non-steel electrodes designed to withstand rust and dents that are also non-magnetic, non-corrosive, anti-static, and flexible
  • Personalized points of roof entry and exit

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Revolutionary, Wireless Sensors

Patented, wireless sensors installed on the exterior surface of the roof measure live loads and provide present-time figures on even small changes in the environment.

  • Non-penetrating sensors attach to any existing low-sloped roofing system and will not void manufacturers warranties.
  • Simple push-button pairing allows sensors to communicate and send up-to-date information on changes in the roof’s condition to the controllers.
  • Sensors are battery operated, with a projected life of 12-24 months and feature military-grade conformal coating that protects against corrosion.

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Ethernet-Based Controllers

For added security, Roof Monitor™ controllers receive the wireless signal from sensors and send data to multiple cloud-based servers in data centers across the country.

  • Built using a custom algorithm, the controller automatically pairs with each sensor through ethernet connectivity
  • Controllers also feature remote flash upgrades, 2-hour backup UPS and an optional SIM card for redundancy


Remote Communication Box

The Remote Communication Box is installed on the rooftop and it’s job is to communicate between the sensors and the Controller Box. The Remote Box is completely weather proof.

Web-Based Interface

The Roof Monitoring System is a user-friendly, web-based interface delivers a pictorial representation of live loads providing the customer real-time data at their fingertips. The custom, intelligent interface works with any operating system and uses inferential data to reduce false alarms.

On-Call Monitoring & Alert Service

Roof Monitor™ monitoring and alert service operators have access to live data and, when it is necessary to take action, can simultaneously dispatch information to multiple users, including service representatives.

  • Service operators are available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Alert protocols are customizable and set by the customer.

Certified Dealer Network

In a strategic alliance with National Roofing Partners, Roof Monitor™ offers a certified dealer network for servicing customers. Dealers are tied into the monitoring portal and have crews available for dispatch with pre-negotiated snow and water removal rates. Their thorough knowledge of every sensor’s location reduces the risk of damage to rooftop sensors during the clearing process.

Stop Guessing When to Take Action

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