Frequently Asked Questions

What internet connectivity is required?

At this time, none is required as Roof Monitor™ has a Strategic Alliance with AT&T to provide a private wireless network for our customers.

How do you store the information?

Our data is hosted, in the cloud, and stored on redundant servers.

What hours do you have monitors available?

Once we go live, our Call Center will be available 24/7 365.

What type of imagery is available in the portal?

Roof Monitor™ has partnered with Pictometry to provide extremely high-resolution images of the customer’s facility.

Do you provide back-up power?

Yes, each unit is shipped with a 2 hour APC UPS back-up battery.

What’s considered “real-time”?

Real-time is defined by users preferences and changes to the default will alter the designed battery life.

What can we expect from the battery life?

Two (2) soldered batteries are installed with each sensor and the projected life is 18-24 months; however, the lifespan will be altered by weather conditions and user preferences in the customer portal.

What does Roof Monitor™ do?

Roof Monitor™ provides real-time information on even small changes within the environment and informs businesses of potential risk. Within the single point of technology, it uses objective metrics with actual load measurements, to create alerts & alarms. These algorithms are customer defined.

Are Roof Monitor’s™ products warranted?

Absolutely, Roof Monitor™ provides a one (1) year warranty on all Roof Monitor™ products.

Will the Roof Monitor’s™ void my warranty?

No, we use Eternabond tape so that the sensor doesn’t penetrate the roofing membrane.

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