Redefining Technology in the Roofing Industry

The Roof Monitor™ Smart Roof Protection System offers technology-based solutions designed to improve safety and minimize risk.

Roof Sensor™ is the only roof monitoring solution that addresses both snow and water buildup, providing real-time information on even small changes in the environment and informs businesses of potential risk.

Edge Defense™ is designed to prevent falls when someone is too close to the edge of the roof. The Edge Defense™ system can also alert businesses if unauthorized personnel are detected on the roof.

Product Development

Creator, President and CEO Brad Beldon has been involved in his family’s roofing business, Beldon Roofing Company, since the age of 12. From building head pressure on drain systems to accumulating snow, he has witnessed first-hand the damage caused by roof collapses and has worked directly with affected building and business owners.

Brad recognized a lack in the roofing market when it came to an effective roof monitoring system for all weather elements. He enlisted the help of a development team led by Dr. Cory Hallam of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Center for Innovation and Dr. Arturo Ayon, UTSA Associate Professor and Dean of Physics and Astronomy. Together, the team turned a unique concept into the innovative Roof Monitor system. Meet the rest of the Roof Monitor™ team >>

After nearly a decade of research and development, multiple prototypes and various phases of product testing, Roof Monitor™ was officially introduced in March of 2014, revolutionizing the roofing industry forever.

Stop Guessing When to Take Action

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